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Diversity Inclusion Expert Quinnie Nichols
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For the second year, the Queenish Professional Women’s Club and its founder Quinnie Nichols, is bringing the Queenish Dolls Experience to the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Saturday, February 22, 2020 11am to 6pm at the Lancaster Recreation Center located at 1700 Veterans Memorial Parkway in Lancaster, Texas
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Queenish Professional Women’s Club creates countless opportunities for professional women to make connections that inspire. QPWC creates a space that is conducive to professional growth for Women Building Futures, Women’s Wellness, Human Rights, Diversity, Career Development, Advancement of women in the workplace, and Embracing the overal empowerment of women.


Queenish Professional Women’s Club (QPWC), founded in 2013, is a professional organization that champions the advancement of women across all disciplines. The club recognizes excellence and promotes leadership. QPWC is committed to building a network of dynamic women professionals focused on developing relationships through networking and support for success. The QPWC brings together women with the common goal of actively building their businesses as well as every other aspect of their lives. Comprised of dedicated volunteers, the club promotes education, family, wellness, career success, and financial security.


Women are probably the most astounding creatures that have ever been put on this planet. We are able to conduct ourselves in a way that makes others wish they could be so lucky. As a Queen, you are considered to be a leader. Your leadership goes further than just what you can do in your professional life. You are also a leader in your household, in your church, and even in your community. In each of these situations, you must never forget the importance of keeping your crown on your head.


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The Queenish Professional Women’s Club WinnDeeK Scholarship was founded in memory of three significant women: Winnie, Kathleen, and Dee. Each of these women’s lives were taken by cancer, yet that did not stop them from leaving a positive influence in the lives of countless numbers of people around the world. There will be three awards presented, with each being dedicated to one of these phenomenal women. Click here to learn more.

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Quinnie Nichols empowers others through her daily work, her activism and community involvement. She uses her wealth of knowledge, amazing insight, valuable experience, to bring about awareness, and equality to those with limited resources and information.

She as a cancer survivor, knows first hand what it’s like to go through the fire fighting for her life. The fire did not consume her. Quinnie used it for victory. This fire has intensified the radiance, power and impact of her voice and tireless efforts to help others. Quinnie’s stint as a single mother has given her a heart for women, to lift them up by showing them that great outcomes are possible even in the most dismal of circumstances.

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