About the Founder

About the Founder

“I want women to be QUEENISH; Inspired and driven to reach their goals in life and remove fear.”  Nichols Quinnie

Quinnie Nichols empowers others through her daily work, her activism and community involvement. She uses her wealth of knowledge, amazing insight, valuable experience, to bring about awareness, and equality to those with limited resources and information.

She as a cancer survivor, knows first hand what it’s like to go through the fire fighting for her life. The fire did not consume her. Quinnie used it for victory. This fire has intensified the radiance, power and impact of her voice and tireless efforts to help others. Quinnie’s stint as a single mother has given her a heart for women, to lift them up by showing them that great outcomes are possible even in the most dismal of circumstances.

This mother of all sons, ranging in age from 24-30, has become the mother to many spiritual daughters as well. Quinnie achieves this through her organization, Queenish Professional Women’s Club. Through this group, Quinnie helps women develop personally and professionally, so that they can have better futures and reach life goals. This organization helps women discover their inner Queen and helps them realize and live out their Queenish qualities.

It has been said that a candle loses none of its light when it lights another. Quinnie uses her own fire to ignite others and compel them to excel and reach higher heights. Quinnie is a great example of a Queenish woman! She has attained awe inspiring success in the corporate arena and has spent most of her career span in Senior Management.

The nature of Quinnie’s profession, as a Leader Of Management Financials Industry and Coaching Development of people , speaks volumes in itself. In her work of more than 26 years, she has demonstrated impeccable ethics, ability to implement resolutions, high standards for business practices, she is fair and modest, proactive, diligent, intelligent, and willing to keep learning. With innate and intuitive knowledge in her field, she has the strength and character to stand by hard and important decisions she has to make.

Additionally, Mrs. Quinnie Nichols holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management and a Masters of Education from Ashford University.
She is Six Sigmas Certified, a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Salesperson, FEMA Certified, and was Lancaster City Planning and Zone Commission Chair from 2011- 2016. Her competencies and credentials are extensive and quite phenomenal.

To whom much is given, much is required and Quinnie has proven that she is equipped for the task. With all of these accomplishments under her belt, Quinnie continues to be intricately involved in multiple organizations and causes that seek address important issues like: Women’s issues, career development, health, education, homelessness, poverty, hunger, violence against women, reproductive rights, maternal and infant health care, sick and maternal leave pay, mental disabilities, divorce recovery and more.

Quinnie spearheads the Queenish Professional Women’s Club as it’s founder and leader. She also belongs to Lancaster Martin Luther King Jr Foundation, Creative Outreach Solutionsand Web society  “ Writer’s Evoking Buzz” .

When she is not hard at work, Quinnie enjoys collecting African American Dolls and Figurines. You may find her perusing aisles of local bookstore checking out books or shopping for fashionable shoes. It should be no surprise that Quinnie grew up to be exuberant business woman! She used to be a cheerleader and she continues to cheer others on to excel and reach their goals. When you see her climbing to higher heights fearlessly, maybe it’s because she developed confidence early on from climbing trees with her brother when they were kids. Surviving cancer has reinforces the fact that all things are possible with God. Quinnie is not keeping all this power and glory to herself. She generously opens up and gives of herself in order to help others, especially women and girls, realize their dreams.

Quinnie’s work history and education, along with her passionate humanitarian efforts and community involvement have allowed her to make local, national and even global impact. She has also made it possible to impact you, directly and personally by penning a book. Quinnie has encapsulated the essence of what fuels her Queenish success and compiled it in a book entitled, “QUEENISH: Embracing the Empowerment of Women”, by Quinnie Nichols. She wrote the book to inspire by taking readers along on her amazing journey. The book is also inspired by and dedicated to the woman who inspired and molded Quinnie: Her beloved mother, Winnie Byther Bogan. This Winnie-ish woman was the person who taught Quinnie how to be a Winner. The book is available at Amazon.com.

This is Mrs. Quinnie Nichols. Let us honor her by being more Queenish and Winnie-ish.


Quinnie Nichols

I am the founder of Queenish Professional Women's Club and Queenish Bluetique Events.

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