Black Doll Showcase 2020

Black Doll Showcase 2020

For the second year, the Queenish Professional Women’s Club and its founder Quinnie Nichols, is bringing the Queenish Dolls Experience to the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Saturday, February 22, 2020 11am to 6pm at the Lancaster Recreation Center located at 1700 Veterans Memorial Parkway in Lancaster, Texas.

Queenie Nichols, Founder

The unique exhibit promises to be another dynamic educational event that celebrates the unique qualities of all women and girls, especially the African American personality. It will promote elegance and beauty, showcase the historical journey of the doll, emphasize the importance of education and cultural awareness while having fun!

The Queenish Doll Experience marries the best of art and history to create a rich experience for all who witness it and is the perfect event for parents and their young girls to enjoy together.

Attendees will:


    • An array of Antique Dolls collections as well as dolls that reflect the more modern eras of history and Black History.
    • The beauty and rich heritage of the African American Woman in our extensive doll collection
    • Our children will see beautiful reflections of themselves and the countless possibilities before them.
    • Favorite Doll Dress Up Fashion
    • Memorabilia and Handmade Custom Dolls


    • Learn the history of dolls, especially the African American doll.
    • Make their own Fairy doll at the craft and activity stations 
    • Interact with doll makers and collectors from across the country
    • Children will receive their own black doll and coloring book
    • Purchase custom, unique dolls from doll collectors


    • The Doll Test Study
    • Increase in self-awareness and personal value
    • A day of light-hearted memorable moments with family, friends and the community

Last year, about 500 parents and children attended the Queenish Doll Showcase and enjoyed a memorable, yet informative journey of the history black dolls.

The Queenish Professional Women’s Club is currently seeking more Doll Collectors and Doll Enthusiasts to showcase their collections along with program sponsors and vendors for the 2019 event this fall. If you would like to participate or sponsor, please contact the organizers of Queenish Black Dolls Extravaganza via email at or visit our website


Quinnie Nichols

I am the founder of Queenish Professional Women's Club and Queenish Bluetique Events.

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