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Culture is what guides and drives a business, for better or worse. The set of values, mission, attitude and atmosphere that shape your work environment has a significant impact on the outcome. But if you allow your company culture to evolve organically without guidelines from leadership, and without input from workers about what’s important to them, you could wind up with exactly what you don’t want: a toxic environment that no longer attracts and retains top talent and has difficulty functioning. It is only effective when the working environment and culture are ready to accept change, acknowledge and embrace diversity.

  1. Our programs will be customized to your company culture, to your industry sector and to your local, national and international geographies.
  2. Ultimately our work is focused on ensuring you attract, retain and develop the best talent and truly leverage the benefits of diversity and inclusion for your business.
  3. We can ensure we develop the competence of your employees to become aware of all the various diversity strands which make up the mosaic and provide compelling and relevant information by raising awareness. We deliver single strand awareness such as Gender Equity training or Cross-Cultural skills, covering the full spectrum of relevant issues within your regions, countries or companies. We have the solution.
  4. The role of leaders in championing diversity is crucial for the success of diversity and requires a particular set of skills that in some instances may require support and guidance to fully develop.
  5. Diversity and Inclusion does not happen overnight – it is a progressive process that requires carefully embedding diversity in all aspects of the business so it becomes a coherent part of the machine.
  6. It is only effective when the working environment and culture are ready to accept change, acknowledge and embrace diversity.

Our D&I Awareness course session range from delivery of seminars on the value of D&I right through to a provision of cascade and corporate roll out Course sessions. Our corporate wide experience spans national and global roll out of Diversity and Inclusion Awareness Sessions.

Workshop Course Listing by Topic:

  1. Understanding diversity & Inclusion
  2. Steps to take to implement Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace
  3. Diversity in the Workplace
  4. The Principles of Interracial Interaction
  5. Diversity: Race, Ethnicity, Language and Religion Workplace Issues
  6. The Race Awareness Workshop
  7. How do you demonstrate diversity and inclusion?
  8. Generations Types
  9. Inclusive Leadership “The role of leaders in championing diversity”
  10. The culturally Proficient Professional
  11. Ethnic and Cultural Differences
  12. The Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Awareness session is presented in separate sections which address the following topics (4 hours):
  13. Stereotypes vs Biases
  14. Breaking Down the Barriers
  15. Diversity issues in the workplace
  16. Business Case for D & I specific and related to education
  17. Other specialize design for client.

Leadership Diversity Strategic Development Planning Session’s (2 days) 

  1. Steps in shaping your organization’s culture statement — and own it. Without one, your organization will be challenged in attracting the kind of talent you want.
  2. How you can shape and foster a corporate culture that aligns with your company mission and what, why, when and how to get it back on track should it falter.
  3. The role of leaders in championing diversity
  4. Promote Inclusion & Eliminate Disrespect with Diversity
  5. Organizational Values: Diversity
  6. Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  7. What does your Branding Say for Diversity and Inclusion?
  8. Communications Strategic
  9. Executives guidelines define
  10. 10.Diversification of Ideas to obtain D& I Atmosphere

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