Black Dolls Extravaganza

This year, Queenish Professional Women’s Club Network and Quinnie Nichols, is bringing to your community a most exciting Doll Event geared toward celebrating the unique qualities of the African American personality! Our theme is “Black Is Beautiful: Why Black Dolls Matter.”

Aimed at promoting the beauty of the African American Woman, this event will take us on a journey revisiting the history black dolls. Black Dolls Matter! Whether you are a Doll Collector, Doll Enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the beauty of Dolls and what they embody, there is definitely no better event to look out for than this one.

We will showcase a landmark collection of black dolls. With troubling stereotypes circulating, we want to be careful to show the beauty and rich heritage in our extensive Doll Collection so that our children see beautiful reflections of themselves and the countless possibilities before them.

There will also be exhibitions wherein a variety of dolls will be displayed. These exhibits promise to marry the best of art and history to create a rich experience for all who witness them. There will be presentations of Black Antique Dolls as well as Dolls that reflect Black Modern History. This is a MUST SEE event!

For sponsorship, special stands and general participation, please contact the organizers of Queenish Black Dolls Extravaganza 2018. Email or visit
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