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Apply to join our community of professional women committed to empowering each other through education, inspiration, and opportunity.

We are looking for people with expertise in the following below:

Legal issues, Financial, Fundraising, Public/Community Relations, Planning, Organizing, Organization’s Service area, Media, Marketing, Tax Filing, Communication, Grant Writing Experiences, Developing People, Project Management, the ability to lead and Health.

We are also seeking people on the board with connections such as Access to foundations, corporations and individual philanthropists, Media contacts, political contacts and contacts with professional services organizations.

If you are signing up for the position of Board Member, please provide you resume along with the form. You will receive a phone interview, email and be given the next steps for the process of being selected as a board member. A list of questions will be provided to assist our team in determining if your skills and vision fit with the goals and mission of Queenish Professional Women’s Club.

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