The Empire Queenish Vision Board Passport “N” Action

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The Empire Queenish Vision Board “N” Action Passport

Passport to Winning Life VISION’S!

Fun with Girlfriend’s and Fashion

Act on your Vision

Women Wining Empowerment of life

Fabulous Wine to Sip!

Vision Board Party!

Do you want to discover your true dream or purpose?

Would you like to eliminate fear, doubt, and worry and move toward your goals with confidence?

Do you want to increase prosperity and stay in complete harmony with your highest values and spiritual beliefs?

Come and enjoy an upbeat and welcoming environment with smiles, food, music, and of course Mix + Mingle…wine & mimosa’s!

Empower the new year with like-minded women ready to crush their 2019 goals!

What to Expect!

Vision Boarding (board and supplies included)
Appetizers and Light Refreshments
Complimentary Make-Your-Own Mimosa Bar!
The Exclusive Queenish PWC Vision Board Action Passport
Music, laughs, network, fashion and so much MORE!

ABOUT: Vision Board Action Passport:
It’s time to make your contribution and change the world!

Register to discover your true purpose, and get on a proven path to deep fulfillment and meaning.

You will learn:

What wealthy people do that creates sustained success
Two essential keys for tuning into your purpose.
Confirming your goal and dreams

Vision Board Workshop tips and tools to help you all lifelong
Strategies that will empire you to be empower
What wealthy people do that creates sustained success.
Women key to leadership of LIFE


1.) Vision Board and Supplies

2.) Appetizers, Wine and Sweet Treats!

3.) Strategies to Success

4.) Giveaways!!! Win a raffled prize valued at $75!

5.) Networking, Music and Fun!

*NOTE: Please bring any personal photos or images of family and friends if you would like to add those to your vision board. To make your Vision Board uniquely yours, we highly suggest you bring at least 2 magazines and any other quotes, stencils, bible verses or pictures that speak to who YOU are and what you want for your life in 2019!

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Quinnie Nichols

I am the founder of Queenish Professional Women's Club and Queenish Bluetique Events.

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