WinnDeeK Scholarship

About the WinnDeeK Scholarship

The Queenish Professional Women’s Club WinnDeeK Scholarship was founded in memory of three significant women: Winnie, Kathleen, and Dee. Each of these women’s lives were taken by cancer, yet that did not stop them from leaving a positive influence in the lives of countless numbers of people around the world. There will be three awards presented, with each being dedicated to one of these phenomenal women.



The WinnDeeK Scholarship Award Recipients


Winnie was a mother, community leader and academic who was known for her selflessness, poise, and determination. Although she had cancer, she never allowed that to get in the way of helping others. She is a combination of both the professional woman and the devout mother. Her academic background allowed her to excel in her career while still maintaining many long-lasting relationships. She is the essence of how every woman should seek to be, it is an honor to see her legacy continued in the lives of many young women around the world. The recipient of this top award will embody the idea of what it means to be like Winnie.

2017 Scholarship Recipient

Brittany Moore
Texas A&M University, majoring in Early Childhood Education


Kathleen was a New Orleans native, she had two children who deeply admired her for, not only her passion for helping others, but her ability to teach those lifelong lessons that could be used regardless of the situation. Although she worked as a Human Resource Director, she found joy in learning about real estate properties and consignment stores. Kathleen was probably the most optimistic person that you could ever come to meet. She was the type of person who never hesitated in giving you the shirt off her back. Kathleen was a true fighter, and the recipient of her award will exemplify similar traits.

2017 Scholarship Recipient

Yasmine Mordahl
Texas A&M University, majoring in Early Childhood Education


Dee was a California native that loved to travel. She spent all of her time either being with family or seeing the world. She spent most of her career at American Airlines, and the word “stranger” was foreign to her. She loved to meet new people, flashing her dazzling smile every step of the way. Dee was known for being inclusive and friendly to everyone, regardless of their background. The recipient of her award will showcase having a very similar personality.

2017 Scholarship Recipient

Majesty Collins
Attending Langston University to become a Physical Therapist